Television outputs Karting

Scoreboard TV karting

Our professional graphic outputs for TV and LED scoreboards offer a top environment in your karting center. Offering the right information in the right area helps your staff and offers the customers a top experience during their stay in the karting facility.


We have different graphic outputs to inform users of what happens in and out of the track. All graphic outputs are customizable with a wallpaper and the logo of your karting.


This display is visually attractive and offers all the necessary live information to be able to follow the track activity at all times. It is usually placed in the bar / cafeteria area as well as in any other point where it might be necessary according to the layout of your karting.

Scoreboard TV output karting

Starting grid display

Live timing

Fast lap animation


Summary of race results

Shows the pictures of the drivers

Offers records of the day, week, month and year

Displays advertising between races

Fully automatic operation controlled by timing

Track view karting

Display similar to the “Scoreboard TV” output, but showing an attractive view with the layout of the circuit and the virtual position of the karts at the track. It allows you to follow comfortably the position of each kart at the track.

Track layout with virtual positioning

Does not require additional hardware

Based on the timing system by transponders

Customized layout of your karting track

Track View OutPut
wdw screen kart

WDW karting

This TV output offers information about the assignment of drivers to go-karts before moving to the pit lane area.


It shows clearly and attractively the drivers and the karts that they are assigned to. In this way, customers sit directly in the kart assigned by the track staff.

Pre-assignment of karts to customers

Pictures of clients

Next races karting

Thanks to the scheduler, you can show a TV output indicating the sequence of upcoming races in the circuit. This graphic output clearly informs the customers of which are the following races, who runs in each one of them and warns them when they have to go to the dressing room area to begin the pre-start procedure prior to the access to the track.

Displays the following races in the circuit

Displays the drivers who will participate in each one

Estimated race time start visible or not according to manager needs

Information offered from the race scheduler

Next track tv output
pantalla following drivers

Following drivers karting

This graphic output offers detailed information of the drivers in preparation to go out on track. It is a very attractive way to show all racing drivers, with their photo and information of their statistics.

Carousel with all the drivers in the race

Picture of the driver and historical information of his previous races

Information offered from the race scheduler

Race results karting

This graphic output shows the results of the last finished race in the circuit and displays this information until the end of the next race. Therefore, the drivers have plenty of time to check the race results and do not need to have the sheet printed on paper.

Shows the results of the last finished race

Updated automatically at the end of each race

Complements or replaces the information offered in the reports

Final Results TV output
WDW output karting

On track karting

Graphic output specially designed to be visible by the drivers on track. It offers live information of the timing of all the drivers, as well as a large number of functions adapted to a visible format at high speeds and from long distances.

Shows the starting grid

Live timing

Fast lap animation


Race results

Shows pictures of the drivers

Offers the best laps of the day, week, month and year

Shows advertising between races

Fully automatic operation controlled by timing

Pit Stop Kart

The information about PIT STOPS is essential for go-kart races and any other car race. With this TV output in your go-karts center, you can use a TV or monitor to display the pit stops for each driver. It is essential for controlling the minimum times and possible penalties that can be given to the drivers during a race. It provides the following functions:

Live timing in pit stops of each kart

Lap number of each pit stop

Kart number and driver name in the pit stop

Pit stop counter for each kart

PIT STOPS printable report.

*This system requires additional hardware in order to be able to control pit entry and exit.

pit stop kart