Membership cards

Physical and virtual cards

Manage the information of the karting members in the most efficient way possible. The identification systems, either with physical cards or in mobile applications, allow full control of the customer activity. With them, you will know in detail the activity of each customer, their preferences, their times, the consumption made and the products they buy. This information is the key to prepare effective marketing campaigns.

Get to know the consumption of each customer

Know the preferences of your customers to create personalized campaigns

Different types of membership cards: with magnetic stripe, barcode, RFID or QR codes in the mobile App

Design and manufacture of personalized membership cards

Tarjetas socios karting

Greater control of sales and customer behavior

With membership cards, you will get information on the sales to each customer. This offers you greater control to create personalized promotions.

Data, times and preferences control and storage

Each member account includes the total amount of activities carried out in the karting, including the history of times, incidents and any information you need to know about the member.

Different technologies at your disposal

Cards with magnetic stripe, barcode or RFID system facilitate access to information and improve your control of the members' data. In addition, a QR code system is implemented in our Apps.

Loyalty system for karting members to control data and services

Collect times, data on purchases, preferred days to compete or simply, doa few laps, driving preferences and much more.