Marketing module

Advanced registration kiosk for members

The marketing module allows karting owners to have more contact with their customers, enabling the delivery of tailored promotions. This module will help you analyze the business and increase your annual sales.

Registering clients the first time they access the karting center offers a great number of advantages in business management. Our system allows the registration of members in multiple ways. Choose what information you want to request as mandatory or optional, according to your criteria or needs.

Advanced Kiosk Registration

Kiosk from touch PC

Taking a picture

Tablet Kiosk

Terms and conditions with customizable signature registration

Online Kiosk

Mandatory, visible and optional fields customizable by the owner

Emailing software karting

E-mailing karting

E-mail is the simplest and cheapest way to contact your customers. Combining members’ data with information of sales and races enables the karting owner to customize marketing campaigns easily and conveniently.

Marketing campaigns can be scheduled

Sending newsletters

Control of e-mails sent, received and opened by the recipients

Allows customer loyalty

Combined with usage information to adapt campaigns

Special filters to detect buying patterns

Membership App

New communication channel with your customers. They will be able to register through their phone and you will have a communication channel to send them your offers and any information you require.

Registration of members

Identification by QR code

Mobile App karting
Member card Karting

Membership cards

They allow a quick identification of the clients for selling or having to be assigned to a race. They offer an attractive design with the relevant information of your karting.

Quick identification of clients

Attractive design, personalized with your karting colors and logos

Allows the control of consumption per customer

Live timing and records on the web

Display all the information regarding the best times and live results of all races on your website.

Live timing

Best times of the track

Tiempo y records en la web EN
Video Briefing Karting

Briefing video karting

Videos with safety instructions for drivers. They show clearly and concisely to the karting drivers how they should proceed at all times on the track. These videos avoid confusion and free your staff from giving the same information again and again.

Attractive design customized for your karting

Clear and easily understandable rules

No client can complain that he has not been informed

Information on the handling of karts, behavior on track and race procedures.

Cloud karting

Have the peace of mind of keeping your data safe. Any eventuality, theft, breakage of the computer will not affect your data.

Backup System

Replication of data for functions such as live times, online registration, etc.

Allows the restoration of the system to a previous state

Cloud Karting