Karting timing transponders

Timing transponder for karting

Timing is essential in kart racing, where it counts to the last millisecond to determine the best times and even the position of each driver.

The timing system of PixelTiming is extremely accurate, capable of measuring up to a millisecond. It works thanks to a transponder, which identifies each vehicle and records its evolution at the track.

Transponder cronometraje karting

Record of times and behavior of each kart

Data decoding system for better understanding at the control point

Transmission of the data automatically collected after each passing

Gather data accurately and without errors

Easily comprehensible reports with all the relevant data of each driver and lap

Data transmission to both the POS terminal and the mobile application of PixelTiming

Timing system for karting

Parts of the timing system for karting

Detection lines

The detection line determines the start/finish line at the track. It detects the passing vehicles.


All the information arriving from the detection line is processed through the decoder, which identifies the transponder number and the time at which the kart has crossed the line.

Timing transponders

Each kart has a timing transponder installed, which collects the data and transmits them when passing through the detection line.

One transponder for each kart

The transponder of each kart has a unique identifier that differentiates it from the others, permitting to obtain unique information.

Accurate timing

When the kart passes through the detection line, the decoder detects it and informs of its ID and its precise time of passage, obtaining the exact data.


With the timing system, drivers can measure their skill and compare their times, motivating themselves to compete again and buy more tickets.

Reliable and accurate transponders for karts

Timing is essential in karting tracks, so it is necessary to have equipment that can record the exact time of each participant. The installation of a transponder in each kart allows you to collect the data with total precision transmitting it to the control system for its processing.