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Having the contact details of your customers is almost essential today in a karting business. It allows from being able to negotiate better rates on business insurance to being able to send advertising and events information to your clients. The owner can also control the spending the customers make, personalize the advertising actions, or show their photos in graphic outputs for animations such as return fast, winners podium, etc. In general, it offers many advantages.


However, full registration of customers in the karting itself is usually a somewhat slow process, which can delay overall operations and create queues when registering large groups of customers. To avoid this, PixelTiming has developed an online solution for customer registration.

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Avoid queues and streamline the registration process. With the online kiosk, any customer with an internet connection can register in the system.

Customers can register in the system anywhere with their own smartphone, tablet or computer from home.

Acquire all the data of your clients in an easy and simple way before coming to the kart centre.

Configure which fields you want to request and which not. It also incorporates the possibility of taking or uploading a photo, signing in digital mode and manages the registration of minors with the data of legal guardian.

You can very easily incorporate this component on the website of your karting business and inform your clients so that they can access and register at any time.