Karting Hardware

Hardware experts for karts and karting tracks

Specifically designed products for karting. Our hardware for karting, both for tracks and karts, allows us to offer complete solutions. The hardware is integrated with our software to offer the best user experience and the best tools for business management.

Hardware for karts

kart timing transponder pixeltiming

Offering a track timing system is a must for any karting track today. A perfect way to encourage the competitiveness of the drivers and sell as many tickets as possible.

ps speed karts control

Being able to control each driver on the track allows you to avoid dangerous situations. This system can help track operators on a day-to-day basis and persuade customers to drive responsibly.

displays personales volante karting

The only way for drivers to improve is by practicing and constantly seeing their times. Our displays mounted on the steering wheel of each kart are able to show all the information of the timing system.

light regulators karting

Voltage regulators and lights

There are more and more electronic devices in modern karts. It is possible to add voltage regulators, LED lights, brake lights, VU meters for speed or RPM displays.

Hardware for karting tracks

Rental karting startinglights pixeltiming

What a great feeling for drivers to make a Formula 1 start. Red disks light one by one, then suddenly turn off all at once for a thrilling start.

banderas electronicas luces pista karting

Increase safety on your track and clearly inform drivers of any situation. Avoid accidents and improve the karting experience of your customers with electronic safety flags.

karting timetogo display

Time/laps countdown displays

Time flies for drivers during a race. These displays show the information of times and laps to the drivers and the public in a clear and simple way.

Videomarcadores pista karts

Our LED scoreboards for karting are the best solution to show all the race information and lap times in a precise way. If you also add graphic capabilities to show any other type of information, they become spectacular solutions that are fully controlled by software.

Mandos control remoto karts

Remote control units

With our wireless remote controls, you will no longer need to be in front of the timing computer to start a race, control karts and safety lights. This reduces staff and streamlines operations, allowing more track participants at the end of the day.

distribucion de video karting hdtv

Video distribution solutions

Our software has many video outputs to display the proper information in each area of the facility. Distributing the video signals easily and with an affordable price is very important in modern business.

Hardware systems for all types of karting

Hardware and software for karting working together to offer a perfect result.

Good hardware, the basis for a successful karting business.

Timing transponders offering accurate lap times

Kart control systems that allow you to avoid problems on the track

Safety track lights that clearly inform drivers

Scoreboards displaying information in real time