How to adapt PixelTiming tools to help in the new normal in karting

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How to adapt PixelTiming tools to help in the new normal in karting

Given the new conditions for the re-opening of the karting businesses, from PixelTiming we have looked for those details that our karting clients and friends can do to improve their facilities with our tools.

Those who already have our solutions can make small adjustments or enhance the use of some tools to help customers, employees and transmit confidence to the entire karting family.

How to use the PixelTiming system to adapt to the new conditions after COVID-19 in karting.

  • Promote the use of the online karting reservations and payment system.
    • Customers will be able to choose the time slot that most interests them and avoid possible crowds or unnecessary customer waiting.
    • Your staff will touch less money and have fewer work processes since clients will have already paid.
    • Your karting business will be available to accept reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • See online booking system for karting
  • Promote the use of the online karting registration system. Customers will not touch computers or other devices in the karting and you can continue to register customers using their own mobile devices from anywhere, no need to do it in the karting center. They can do it wherever they want.
  • Use the session planner and adjust the duration of the sessions, the maximum capacity of the track and the time between them to facilitate distance between people. You can choose to increase the length of the sessions or make any adjustments that you consider best for your karting business. PixelTiming software helps you manage it very easily.
  • Use the multimedia system of television outlets and video scoreboards to display health and safety information
    • Use the multimedia system (WDW) to know which vehicle should be driven without having to ask the runway operator. Avoid contact.
    • Use the multimedia system (Next races karting) to know what time my career is coming to me without asking at the counter. Avoid contact.
    • Use the multimedia system (Following drivers karting) to know that I have to go to the track without having to ask at the counter. Avoid contact
    • See television outputs for karting
  • Video briefings explaining the hygiene measures taken and how to proceed for the customers.
  • Using the multimedia system and sending the results by email to report the results of the sessions and not submitting paper race reports.
    • Registered customers will receive the results in their emails, avoiding contact and papers that go from hand to hand.
  • How to manage group races
    • Individual treatment and distancing from each of the clientso
    • QR codes for individual and mandatory viewing of the security video on each client’s mobile phones if there is no space for collective viewing with sufficient safety distance. The standards and safety video can be uploaded to YouTube so that customers can view it on their devices in a comfortable and safe way.
    • Parking of karts with the appropriate separation.
    • Remote assignment of karts using our APP PKC
    • Material delivery and get into the karts individually
    • All this can be explained in the video briefing to transmit control and security to the karting clients.


All these actions are possible thanks to the PixelTiming system and can allow you to offer a safer and more pleasant service for both your staff and your customers in karting.

Any help is good to encourage customers to go karting. At PixelTiming we strive to assist in reopening and for our clients to run profitable karting businesses. The world of karting, as a leisure alternative for all ages, will return stronger than before.