Electronic safety flags

Electronic safety flags for karting

Electronic signalling on track

Our karting flags, consisting of LED panels, offer high quality standards and they are a simple and practical way to provide information about the race to the drivers and the public.

Our signalling systems can display all necessary colors, therefore there is no need to use traditional flags. Marshals can control them all together, one at a time or by sectors using a simple remote control.

All the necessary colors for a proper signalling

Different ways of controlling track lights, through a PC or an individual remote control, facilitating the work of marshals

Availability of marshals to perform other tasks, help customers and manage track operations

Reduces operational costs and provides the highest possible safety

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Professional track safety lights for karting

Customize your track lights to make them unique and exclusive to your karting venue. PixelTiming safety track lights for karting provide all the information for drivers clearly and without distractions.

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Digital track safety lights

Do you want your kart track to have digital track lights, as if it were a professional circuit? The digital flags developed by PixelTiming for karting can show all the information you can imagine.

Display the checkered flag at the end of each race

Report dangerous situations with the yellow flag

Display the green flag when the dangerous situation is over

Display penalties to drivers

And much more...