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Promoting your go kart franchise has many things in common as promoting any other business, but there are some points that are specific of a go kart business. No matter if you manage an outdoor or an indoor go kart franchise, there are some basic concepts that you need to consider to effectively promote go kart center.

Plan your marketing. To successfully market your go kart business, you need a planned and organized approach. Trying your luck wastes time and money. First, define your marketing strategy and set a budget.

Set up your go karts company profile or page on social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Depending on your target audience, some social media sites will be better than others. It is not the same having a kids go kart or a racing go karts business, so sites and content should be tuned. Consider to use visual media to build your social media profile. Visual content is very important to expand your go kart franchise social presence and your niche audience will love to see nice looking content.

Set up a website. Even if your business has many social media, an effective website is crucial to marketing your go kart franchise. You have full control over how to advertise products and services on the site, as well as when advertisements and other content are visible. Including advanced features as online booking, live timing and records information can help to promote go kart business. You can use your social media profiles to link with your website and promote advance features like the online booking for go kart.  It is very important to implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to optimize your website for search engines like Google and improve the rankings to reach more people. A good SEO allows your website to be easier to be found.

Set up a company list for your company on Google and Bing. Both Google and Bing provide free listings for local businesses. To list on Google, go to Google My Business. To list on Bing, go to Bing Business. When appropriate, please fill in all information, including phone number, website and business hours. This is of capital importance so your go kart franchise will appear on google maps and can help customers to get there.

Ask customers to review your business. When someone is looking for a go kart ride, for a kids go kart party or for a team building go kart event, they want to make sure that they have made a good choice. One way they get a guarantee is to check the reviews. To increase the chances of customers leaving comments, send them a thank-you letter, thank them for their visit, and ask them to comment on your website online. Add a link to the place where you want them to comment.

Add videos of your go kart venue, of your nice and fast go karts, or some go karts driving tips or details on YouTube and other video-sharing and slide-sharing sites. Include links of this videos in your website so customers can learn more about you and your go kart franchise.

Work with companies that serve the same market but sell different products and services rather than go kart activities. Arrange cross-promotion of each other ’s goods and services by passing leads back and forth, sharing emails, and making recommendations. For instance, if your go kart franchise does not offer food and drinks, you can set up promotions together with any restaurant or bar nearby. This can be of mutual benefit and helps promoting your go kart franchise.

Find something unusual for your activity and promote it. For example, if you have any special go kart event or charity event. Send press releases to local newspapers, radio stations, cable TV stations, and magazines. These listeners may be interested in knowing more about your go kart franchise. Similarly, when posting a news release to one or more online news publishing services, please make sure to include a link to your go kart website. In order to increase the chance of publishing materials, please attach photos when publishing news (but do not send to radio stations). Go kart franchises have it easy to prepare nice looking content. Editors of printed publications often need “art” (paintings or photographs) to fill the space and destroy the gray appearance of text pages.

Help journalists find you. Reporters are constantly looking for sources to cite in their stories. Your karting business could be a great place to have some news. One way to find these sources is to use services that spread their source request to journalists, experts, marketers, and other people who want to be sources. To find out when reporters are looking for information that you can provide, sign up for these lists and scan them regularly. One such service is HARO (Help a reporter out) and is free. Another service, called PRLeads, is paid.

Identify existing federal, state, and local government programs to help you start a go kart business. Most provide free business consulting, and some can connect you to government agencies and large companies as for example K1 speed or PolePosition raceway franchises, which are two of the biggest in the world. You can learn a lot for go karts business from these source.

Provide free or discounted products / services in your go kart franchise. Offering products for free or at a discounted price is a great way to attract new customers to your go kart franchise. Depending on your business model, it may even be effective to lose this in order to gain market share. There are many iterations of this method that can be used to drive potential customers, sales, recommendations, etc. Include a discount for a second ride in your go kart franchise available within one week or so, adding some gift for kids go kart parties or include a free drink for every GP event in your indoor go kart franchise are just a few examples. These actions are always welcomed when promoting your karting business.

Participate in Community events.  We live in a predominantly digital world, but promoting your go kart franchise at physical events is still a great way to grow. A good balance between online and offline marketing is still very important for your karting business.

We hope this article is helpful to how you can promote your go kart franchise. These relatively low investment methods will help you succeed in your karting business. Nevertheless, there is no winning strategy that can guarantee the success of the enterprise. This is a trial and error process, and this list should help you get started to run your go kart franchise. Pixel Timing solutions can help you in this process to promote and run a successful go kart franchise.