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Complete software and hardware solution for your karting. Bring the competition experience to your customers.

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Software/hardware developers

Satisfied customers

Organized business

Increased revenue

Karting timing, scoring and management to live a totally satisfactory experience

Everything for your clients to enjoy an experience as close as possible to the competition in a safe and fun way.

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Are you thinking of opening a karting track?

We offer advice

We have more than 12 years of experience

More than 200 customers around the world

Reliable and complete solutions

hardware sistemas karting

Do you own a karting?

We offer system renewal

Offer the best customer experience

Improve the performance of your staff

Upgrade your facilities

software programas karting

Are you a go-karts manufacturer?

Online Garage with remote control

Total control of go-karts

Maintenance management

Electronics for go-karts

constructores disenadores circuitos karting

Circuit builders/designers

Complete software and hardware integration

Turnkey projects

Online and on site installations

Support to the owner in management

rental karting business

Hardware for karting tracks and for go-karts.

PixelTiming designs and manufactures electronics for karting tracks and go-karts.

Starting lights, track lights and video scoreboards

Timing karting system. Transponders and decoders

Speed control of karts. Shutdown system

Voltage regulators and lights for go-karts

Digital podium system for karting

Timing software for rental karting

Desktop and smartphone App for complete control of the track

With all the tools a rental karting needs

Automation of processes for easy use

Integrated race scheduler

Integrated starting and safety lights control

Software de cronometraje para karting de alquiler

Complete and innovative software for rental karting tracks

All the functionalities your karting needs!

Customized programs and applications for karting

Own software and hardware development for karting

PixelTiming offers products developed within the company to ensure perfect compatibility between all systems.

Better experience, more profitability

If you own a karting, your biggest concern should be the experience of your customers. Increase the profitability and productivity of your karting with PixelTiming.

Karting software with a lifetime license

We offer different modalities for using the software. If you do not want to pay a monthly fee, ask about our sales methods.

gestion integral software karting

Karting software Comprehensive management

The system developed by PixelTiming consists of different modules working together to offer a scalable and complete solution for managing a rental karting business.

Our experience allows us to offer software that can be adapted to different management styles, maintaining the essence of an optimal resource management. Mobile applications, programs and web solutions work together to offer the best possible user experience and maintain high productivity with your staff.

New software and hardware for karting

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Nowadays, any business needs software to operate. PixelTiming software allows you to register customers, manage sales, time races, inform in real time on the video scoreboards and TV screens and communicate with the systems and equipment to offer the best customer experience and a high degree of automation in your day-to-day operations.

We offer all necessary electronics for your go-karts and your track. A timing system that communicates with the speed control system. Multifunction timing loops that can also control the speed of karts. Systems that control automatically the engine working time. Starting lights, track lights and video scoreboards to inform drivers and offer the best possible karting experience.

For newcomers to the world of rental karting, we offer management advisory services. Despite visiting other karting centers to understand the basic needs of the business, each installation has its own peculiarities. We put our experience at your disposal to help you in the initial process.
We design safety and briefing videos to inform drivers of the rules they must follow on the track. You can see an example on our YouTube channel. We also help you improve your corporate image if necessary. We design and offer membership cards.

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