Mobile Timing & Track Control

Would you like to have a tool to control everything about timing operations? PixelTiming offers a definitive mobile solution to do so. Our mobile app can do almost everything that timing software can.

Mobile Timing & Track Control Mobile Timing & Track Control

With this incredible tool, drives can go directly to the pit and take a kart. Once they are seated you can easily assign the driver to the kart in a second. And even more, would you like to take pictures of each driver in the kart? This is as easy as pressing a button. These pictures will be displayed in video scoreboards and TVs.

Some interesting features for timing:

  • Start, stop, abort and pause races.
  • Create new arrive & drive races.
  • Create new scheduled races.
  • Manage scheduled races from POS and Timing.
  • Add drivers to scheduled races.
  • Assing drivers to karts in any race mode.
  • Take pictures of drivers in scheduled races
  • Follow live timing.
  • Print reports from races.
  • Send e-mails with race reports to members.
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Some interesting features for Lights & Track control:

  • Manage the kart engine control system (De haardt Xtra system or similar) to shutdown karts as needed.
  • Control sectors to avoid dangerous situations.
  • Manage all the light signaling system at the track.
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