Advanced Kiosk

Our kiosk software is a 3-in-1 tool. It is a powerful digital media content player. It is an easy to use customers' data collecting kiosk and it is a complete members 'statistics' viewer.

Advanced Kiosk Advanced Kiosk

Main features:

  • Unlimited digital media content display.
    • Promote special events or products.
    • Third party advertisement display. Get money by letting other companies promote their products.
    • Or just play eye catching content for your customers.
  • Selectable multi-language.
  • HD webcam control for member`s picture.
  • Selectable collecting data. Compulsory and displayed fields selection.
  • Facebook integrated data feed. Customers can login using their Facebook account. All information in Facebook will be filled at the right fields, including profile picture.
  • Under-age control and legal tutor information request.
  • Automatic data checking to minimize fake information.
  • Legal information displayed before collecting any data to fulfill any authority rules.
  • Member login for races and time statistics display.
  • Member's profile data change or update.
  • Two members face to face races information display.