Consultant services

A lot of small details can separate a good business from others. Avoiding some things and powering others can make the difference. The more expensive option is not always the best choice. These are some points we always keep in mind when facing a new project.

Pixel Timing has a lot of experience in this rental karting world. All we have learned in almost ten years, we can put at your service to save time and money.

Depending on your initial needs we can provide you a great range of products and options to boost your business.

Many customers spend a lot of money in some secondary things. Then when arriving at the end of the design process they do not think enough about user experience. Of course there is always a budget, but in the overall cost, the amount for the products and services we offer is really small compared to the total. And at the end, your customer wants to enjoy, have fun and remember this karting day in a very positive way.