Timing System

Accurate to 1/1000 of a second. To offer lap times has became compulsory in any karting track. A great way to measure driver's skills and make customers ride more. At least one detection loop should be installed as a Start/Finish line. This loop is connected to a decoder, wich processes the signals coming out of the loop. Then one timing transponder is installed in each go-kart. Each transponder has its own unique Id Number. When the go-kart passes over the loop, the decoder will see it and inform about Id number and accurate pass time.

Parts in a Rental Karting timing system:

  • Detection Loop
  • Decoder
  • Cabling installation
  • Transponders
    • Rental karting
    • Competition karting
  • Timing Software

Timing System
Decoder MyLaps Transponder MyLaps Transponder MyLaps