The great thing about to have a timing system at the track is that you can offer live timing information. The way you display this information at the track is really important. PixelTiming develops, manufactures and sells a great variety of karting scoreboards. These scoreboards, when connected to our timing software, display all kind of information to drivers and customers following the races.

A great video scoreboard can become the heart of the track. Display advertisements, live timing and personal messages. All you can imagine. Even starting grid before depart can be displayed in a very dynamic way.

Two main lines of scoreboards using LED technology:

  • Numerical Scoreboards.
    • Display lap times and positions clearly.
    • Different digit size from 10 to 45cm high (aprox. 4 to 18 inch) as standard.
    • Customs designs allowed.
    • Indoor or outdoor brightness.
    • Aluminum cases for indoor or outdoor conditions.
    • Wired or wireless data connection.
    • MyLaps Orbits Compatible.
  • Video Scoreboards.
    • Versatile solution to display all kind of information.
    • Live Scoring.
    • Display videos, pictures and animations.
    • Show Starting Grid.
    • Ideal solution for indoor and outdoor tracks.
    • Custom sizes & resolutions.